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Deliverable N° Deliverable name Lead contractor
D1.1 Report on piezometer and OBS resultsa 5
  Including Tary et al, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., Vol. 101, No. 2, doi: 10.1785/0120100014, 2011  
D1.2 Report on Fluid flux rates through the Marmara seafloor : Results from flowmeters and osmo-samplers 5
  Including paper by Tryon et al, submitted to Marine Geology on March 2011  
D1.3 Report on the origin of fluids escaping from the Marmara seafloor 5
  Including paper by Bourry et al, Chem. Geol., doi: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2009.03.007, 2009  
D1.4 Paper synthetizing Marnaut results 5
  Géli et al, Earth Plan. Sci. Let., 274, 34–39, doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2008.06.047, 2008  
D2.1 Cruise report of DEU (PirMarmara) Cruise with R/V Piri Reis (June 2010) 6
D2.2a Cruise Report on Ifremer (Marmesonet) cruise, Leg I (Oct. 4th – Oct. 25, 2009) 1
D2.2b Cruise Report on Ifremer (Marmesonet) cruise, Leg I (Oct. 28th – Dec.  14, 2009) 1
D2.3 Cruise reports of SN4-related operations : i) Marmara 2009 Cruise with R/V Urania (october 2009); ii) Recovery and redeployment operations with R/V Yunuz (march 2010) ; Marmara  2010 Cruise with R/V Urania (october 2010). 4
  Including brief, preliminary report on SN-4 time series (6 months)  
D3.1 Report combining marine and land seismological datasets 1
D3.2 Report on the ambient noise and recommendation for implementing permanent seabottom stations 4
D3.3 3D, High Res Seismic Images at Western High Site 6
D4.1 Report on data repository system integrating all available data  3
D4.2 GIS including all available data 5
D4.3 Report to test working hypothesis and validate concept of seafloor observatories 5
D4.4 Report on best site selection 3
D5.1 Recommendation Report on the preferred option 1
D5.2 Cost estimation report 1
D5.3 Implementation plan 4
D6.1 Support agreement contract with Turkish authorities 2
D6.2 Web Site 2
D6.3 Training course




Deliverable 6.1