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How to Connect

Because EMCOL NAS is attached to the internet, it can be reached from anywhere on the earth, where you have a connection to this global network.
It uses an IPv4 number ( as the server’s address. Moreever, we are planning to adjust a DNS record such as in the near future.

We have enabled SSH and FTP protocols:



For Windows users run WinSCP,   enter the IP of EMCOL NAS server as host name with Port number is 22,  enter username and password in the relevant fields,  choose SFTP as file protocol and click Login (or Save if you want to save these settings)

For Linux and Mac OS X users:

Expert users can easily access and operate EMCOL NAS by using (command prompt): ssh username@ or sftp username@ commands.  Graphical User Interface (GUI) gnome users can use Nautilus as a SSH client or one can use a SFTP client with a GUI such as Fugu ( and/or Cyberduck (



FTP server is also enabled in EMCOL NAS to provide a more user-friendly interface. It can be accessed from any web browser by entering the FTP address ( Moreover, Windows users can use Windows Explorer for a more convenient usage.

Linux users can use Nautilus (gnome) or KFTPgrabber (KDE) to easily access to the EMCOL NAS. Accessibility through command prompt is always possible for expert users.

MAC OS X users have only read-only access to the FTP servers due to the MAC OS X default features. Users who will upload data must use third-party software such as open-source software Cyberduck (



For more detailed explanation on how to connect to EMCOL-NAS from different operating systems please download the file How to connect to NAS


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How to connect to NAS