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Work Package Activities  › WP4: Data integration modeling
WP4: Data integration modeling

  Responsible Partners:CNRS, ISMAR, ITU, IFREMER, DEU


The data from the instruments deployed during the Marnaut cruise and during the present Marmara-DM mission will tell us whether or not there are changes in pore water pressure, chemistry, fluxes and seismicity. After a careful analysis and integration of all multidisciplinary data, we will test different models to check wether the observed physical and chemical changes are related to the activity of the Marmara Sea fault zone (Hypoth. 1).

The integration and modelling of the long time series will also enable us to test hypotheses H2 (« strain rate variations induce pore pressure variations in surface sediments ») and H3 (« fluids from the seismogenic depth reach -locally and episodically-the sediment surface »).

Funding is needed from the EsoNet/DM to support post-doc time (at CEREGE, ITU and ISMAR) to conduct the integration and modelling effort.

The main deliverables are :

1                    validation of the concept of observatory based on all available time-series data (old and new)

2                    Selection of the best sites and parameters for seafloor monitoring of seismogenic risk in the Marmara Sea