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Personal Exchange
Personal Exchange
Partners Proposal (Theme) Funds     (in Euro)
1 CEREGE-ITU Processing of Marmara cruise data (12 weeks) and OBS-related software development (4 weeks)  20760
2 ITU_HCMR-ISMAR Technical exchange on a radon measuring tool, installation on SN4 platform and test in Marmara Sea 16520
4 IFREMER-ITU Planning for Marmara-Demo Mission 16560
5 INGV-ITU Processing of seismology data, technical training on SN4 seismic sensors 23200
6 ISMAR-ITU Data analysis (seismic and geology) and planning for Marmara-Demo Cruises 12960
9 IFREMER-DEU Acquisition of high resolution 3D seismic data at Marmara node, transfer of knowledge and technology to Turkish partner. Project includes planning for the cruise, and technical aspects involve adapting Ifremer acquisition system to DEU vessel. 14910
10 IFREMER-KOERI Plan for future implementation of integrated land-based and marine seismic network in Marmara sea. Involves processing of existing seismic data and merge land-based and marine data. 7460
Total 112370

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