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Proposal No: 2
Proposal Name: ITU-HCMR-ISMAR
Grant: 16,520 €

List of Personnel:
Dr Christos Tsabaris: 2 x 1 weeks + 1x 2 week at ITU: 1540 *2 + 2380 x1 = 5460
Dr Christos Tsabaris    1 x 1 weeks at ISMAR: 1540
Mr Alexakis Stylianos:  2 weeks at ITU 2380
Mr Patiris Dionisios:  2 weeks at ITU 2380
Umut Baris Ulgen: 2 weeks at HCMR : 2380
M.Sinan Özeren2 weeks at HCMR : 2380

Planned visits
1.  Sinan Özeren (ITU) visit to HCMR for 2 weeks during March 2010. He will work with Dr Tsabaris to learn the analysis techniques to obtain quantitative data on 222Rn in more sophisticated gas-based studies. Ozeren will take part in the Marmara DM project and he will take part in the team that will analyze the radon data.

2.  Umut B. Ulgen (ITU - PhD student) visit to HCMR for 2 weeks during July 2010:He will work with Dr Christos Tsabaris on radionuclide dating at Gamma spectrometry lab. He will be involved on the measuring methods using HpGe detectors in various geometries of the sample sediments. In addition he will work with the software package SPECTRG for spectrum analysis and he will familiarized with the appropriate tools for precise activity determination of radionuclides in the marine sediments.